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  1. 1005, 1016, 1008
  2. 3001, 3002, 3004, 3005
  3. 4001, 4003
  4. 5001, 5012, 5018, 5019, 5020, 5021, 5022
  5. 6001, 6002, 6004, 6006
  6. 7001, 7002, 7003, 7006, 7008
  7. 7007, 7010

We are not going to say the otherwise: developing a software solution for different phones, different homes and different network conditions is HARD. Very hard. Very challenging. But at the same time, it gives us such a strong sense of achievement when we make and see progress. Your support is what fuels us along the journey to perfection. Now, let’s take a look at what is stopping Alfred from his best performances and what we can do about it.


Error Code: 3001

Failed to signed in. (3001)
Please check the username and password.
Please check the system time.
Please make sure your Google Play Services version is up-to-date.

Error Code: 3004

Reconnecting. (3004)

You see 3004 when you failed to log in.

  1. Did you recently change your Google password? Would you like to retrieve/reset your Gmail password here?

  2. This is tricky. Please bear with me.
    My personal Gmail is irene.woods.medium@gmail.com
    Usually, at Google-related websites, if I omit the dots in my username, like this irenewoodsmedium@gmail.com, Gmail/Google services can still recognize it.

Alfred doesn’t see them as the same Gmail.

Also, on iPhones and certain Android models, the first letter is usually capitalized. In that case, Alfred doesn’t see them as the same Gmail. Can you please check if you entered the same Gmail on different devices?

  1. Would you please try logging into Gmail on your webpage browser (Chrome or Safari) to test if your email/password are correct and if Gmail service is available.

  2. Incorrect date and time can lead to failed login. Would you please check if the date and time on your devices are correct?

In most cases, 3004 happens on the Camera end. Here is what we need you to do:

1) Get your Camera device and find the line that says "(your account name) is online."

2) Tap on that line and confirm you want to log out.

3) You will go offline for a second or two before Alfred automatically logs you back in.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, switch your Camera Phone’s WiFi off and back on again.

You are ready to go!

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What are the 4-digit numbers in the messages I get from Alfred?

Error Code: 4003

Recording failed due to insufficient storage space left on Camera. (4003)

Why am I reading this?
This shows when you are making a video but your Camera device runs out of space.

What can I do?
Please check if your Camera device has enough space. We’d recommend that you have at least 100MB available.

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What are the 4-digit numbers in the messages I get from Alfred?

Error Code: 3002

The session is interrupted due to poor network conditions. (3002)

Why am I reading this?
This shows when your Camera device is in
With the next update, you will receive a push notification like this on your Viewer device when your Camera device doesn’t have strong and steady internet connection.

What can I do?
It is advised that you

  1. shorten the distance between your Camera device and your WiFi router
  2. check if your WiFi router resets itself regularly (hence the disconnection)

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What are the 4-digit numbers in the messages I get from Alfred?

Error Code: 5001

Incorrect Time. Compromised Security (5001)

Date and Time are really important, especially when you need timestamp on videos. My superheroes, please check the setting on your Camera devices

We changed the message from “Incorrect Date and Time (5001)” to “Incorrect Time. Compromised security! (5001)” because we found that the importance of correct date and time has ben underestimated.

We understand that your Camera Unit may be an old smartphone that was left unused for several months, or years. When you turned it back on, the date and time may be the default setting, say, 1900/01/01. In that case, your Camera and Viewer Units cannot exchange real-time information correctly.

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What are the 4-digit numbers in the messages I get from Alfred?

Error Code: 5012

Please update the app on your Camera (5012)

Why am I reading this?
To improve Alfred’s services and performances, we bring update to the app regularly. Every update includes improvements of speed and reliability and video quality.

Alfred works the best when your Viewer and Camera Units are both updated to the latest version, so this message shows when your Camera Unit is not updated.

What can I do?
Set up automatic update. (Although, sometimes with major updates, Google Play requires you to update manually.)

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Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:


Error Code: 7001

Uh-oh! Something is wrong with your internet connection. Please try again later. (7001)

When you receive this message, it means that your internet connection is dropping off. Alfred needs internet to connect your Camera and Viewer Units and to send video from your Camera Unit to your Viewer Unit. This problem will go away when you have better internet connection.

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What does error “The Camera is not connected (7006)” really mean?


I have 2 different android phones set up as cameras. 1 seems to work consistently and the other is intermittent. Every time I want to view camera #2 I get 7006 error code. Why does this come in and out. Both cameras are on my home wifi. I don’t do anything to the camera when it is working or not working. It just arbitrarily works or gives error 7006.
Any help with this one?


Hi Pattyk999,

Thanks for the feedback. It doesn’t seem like the T-mobile problem we mentioned as one of your camera actually works.

Do you usually press power key to turn the camera screen off? Some phone manufacturers starts power saving during screen off, which may lead to low WiFi reception or camera off. This doesn’t happen on all devices but there is a percentage of phones having this.

You can use the “save power” key on the Alfred app screen to lock and dim the camera screen, instead of press power key. Please let us know whether this helps. Thanks!


Error Code: 7006

The Camera is not connected. (7006)

Usually, 7006 means network issues, and there are several reasons that may lead to 7006. Would you please check with us?

Before we begin, are you using T-mobile 4G network? If yes, the 7006 problem can go away when you switch to 3G network, and you won’t need to go through the check-ups.

Please take a look at your camera. When you received the 7006 error message on your Viewer device, was your Camera device still on and Alfred the app was running (Read Diagnosis 1)? Or was your Camera device shut down (read Diagnosis 2)? Or was it still on but Alfred the app stopped , so you see your home screen (read Diagnosis 3)?

Diagnosis 1: If your Camera device was on and Alfred was running.
Usually this is because your Camera device didn’t have stable and strong WiFi. As you probably know, WiFi signals are like radio waves, they are not always steady. If your Camera device is too far from your WiFi router, chances are that it is not getting strong signals all the time. If relocating your Camera device helps solve the issue, we suggest you install a WiFi enhancer.

Also, we’d like to know if you pressed the POWER key on your Camera device. Some manufacturers think that since you press the POWER key, you are not using the device, and the device will enter sleep mode to save power, and will lower its WiFi reception. Do not press the POWER key, instead, we suggest you to press the SAVE POWER button in our app.

Diagnosis 2: If your Camera device was shut down
It means that your Camera device was out of power, and naturally, it was disconnected from the internet. Our suggestion is to keep your Camera device always plugged in, and use original/certified charger and cable to ensure power efficiency.

Have you received our notifications telling you that there may be a charging problem or that the battery level of your Camera device is dropping? Sometimes although your Camera device is always plugged in, it is not getting enough power from your charger/cable. That is why Alfred sends your these notifications, if you’d like to know more about preventing your Camera device from losing power, please read this.

Diagnosis 3: If your Camera device was on but Alfred the app stopped, and you see the home screen
We suggest that you run a factory reset to remove all apps, and then install Alfred, so Alfred is the only app running on your Camera device. Also, we suggest that you don’t sync this device with your Gmail accounts so you won’t receive any email or calendar reminder on this device (see the screenshot). It would be helpful if you’d reply us with the Gmail you use for Alfred and model name so we can check our error report and see if this specific device constantly has crash issues.

Please let us know if this helps. If not, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you really soon!

Behind-the-scene message from the developers: Dear Superheroes, we understand the importance and value of home security and we know that getting error messages can be frustrating. We have been working really hard to develop this app, and for this app to work, Alfred needs several essential elements for survival. Power and Internet connection are as essential to Alfred and any other wireless security systems as air and water to humans. Alfred, as an app/software program, is learning to work with different phone models and network conditions, despite that we have no control over hardware and environment issues. The more information you provide us, the faster we can learn and solve the problems. Your support for Alfred and the Alfred team is forever appreciated!! Thank you.

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What does code 7006 mean

Error Code: 1008

Recording failed (1008)

Why am I reading this?
Something went wrong while your Camera device was recording a video. In most cases, it is because the storage of your Camera device is full. When you make a recording with Alfred, the footage is first produced and stored on your Camera device, and sent to the cloud when you release the “record” button, so your Camera device needs enough storage space for the videos.

What can I do?
Please check the storage of your phone and free up some space.

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What are the 4-digit numbers in the messages I get from Alfred?

Hope the attached pic works. I have 4G and full bars but I still get the 7001 error. Once I turn on wifi it works fine.


Hello, @ClintE

Any chance you are using T-mobile?


Yes that’s right. I’m on T-Mobile


Hey @ClintE

Would you follow the instructions here and set up your APN?


In this exact situation, 1015, I get error code 1016 instead. It reads:
Still closing previous connection. Please wait 20 seconds and try again. (1016)

So you need to add new error code to your list.
Thank you,


Hey @MyWebs,

Thank you so much for joining the discussion!

You get 1016 when you have multiple Viewer devices (for example, if you are in someone’s Trust Circle or you added someone to your Trust Circle, if you have two Viewer Phones, or if you use Alfred’s WebViewer) and Alfred is still closing the previous connection. For the moment, Alfred does not support concurrent viewing. That is why you see that.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have more questions!


Yes I understand WHY I see it. But… this error code is NOT listed within the FAQ section.
Once again you might wish to consider also adding this error code to the list of error codes!


Good day…im experiance problms again…camera sais 7001 error in conection but its running on wi fi.on startup is showing the battery status so when i want to go in the camera is sais audio off like i adjusted it then the error…it means the signal is there but someting else is wrong…can you help please?