Error 1010 - can’t connect to camera

I am hoping someone else may have some suggestions. I am able to use Alfred successfully with an old iPhone as camera and my newer iPhone as viewer. However, I am trying to use an iPad as camera and I keep getting the error 1010. I am able to access event history for that camera but can never access the live feed. I have updated the operating software on both devices as well as updated the app. I have signed in and out of Alfred and restarted both devices (multiple times). I am at a loss what to try other than a different camera app but I otherwise like Alfred. Thanks for any suggestions!


Just to say that I have the exact same issue except that I have been using an old iPad as camera for few years and now and only about a week ago I started getting the same notification . I can see the history but I can’t connect live to the camera so as a result I can’t communicate with my dad through the camera when I’m away .
A solution would be much appreciated
Just to say that I have looked at this issue that occurred in the past and carried out instructions in those exchanges as detailed below but the issue still exists

iPhone is 6s, iPad is iPad Air software version 12.4.5
Iphone is 6s software version : 13.3.1
I have actually created new accounts and logged on using a new account to resolve the issue but no progress
I am not part of any circles
Both connected to the same wifi

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I am having the same problem too, camera is iphone 4s, since the latest Alfred update I am unable to see live feed with 1010 error, viewer phone is iphoneX. I have updated all ios on phone phones and updated Alfred, restarted the phones, still cannot see live feed, only recorded videos, help?

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I also can’t see live on my camera after last app update. I see the history, can change settings, but can’t see live feed.
I tried to sign out and in again, removed the app and install again, sign in again, but nothing helps!

What to do? help please