End of Support for Alfred Android below 3.11.05 & Alfred iOS below 1.10.9

Alfred is constantly evolving. We add new features, we make adjustments, and we make sure everything works as intended on different devices. We know that not all of you have regular access to your Camera Phones, so we have been trying our best to make new updates compatible with older versions. However, this task has gone from complicated to impossible as time goes by…

To ensure everyone gets the best user experience, Alfred Android versions below 3.11.05 and Alfred iOS versions below 1.10.9 are no longer be supported. The version number will change as we move on, and the post will be updated accordingly.

3 stages

1) Not the latest

You will see this reminder when you launch Alfred:

You will also see this message below the Camera thumbnail:

Your Camera will continue to work for quite a while with full functionality. However, we still encourage you to update as soon as possible to enable access to all the latest features as well as bug fixes.

2) Soon to be phased out

Besides the same messages you see when the version is no longer the latest, this reminder will pop up when you start a live-viewing session:

This is a stronger reminder that we will stop supporting this version in the near future. Please update the app on the Camera(s) as early as you can to keep it working.

3) No longer supported

If one of your Cameras is running a version that is no longer supported and it happens to be online when the phasing-out starts, this is what you’ll see on the Camera list:

You will see this message when you attempt to start a live viewing session and access your Event Book:

If your device that runs a version that is no longer supported happens to be offline when the phasing-out starts, you will see this when you launch Alfred again:

Depending on the version, you might get a push notification when your Viewer is running a version that is no longer supported:

These inform you that this version is no longer supported. Although the Camera will remain online, features including live feed and Motion Detection will be disabled. An update is mandatory for the Camera to work again.

Tip: Remotely Update Alfred on Your Android Device

Even if your Camera is placed somewhere high up or faraway, you can update it easily from your PC! Find out how here:

We suggest you run the latest version on all your devices to optimize Alfred’s performance!