Either some one found my invisible, well hidden camera and deleted footage, or I'm over reacting, you be the judge. Alfred can't help, Linux users maybe.. I have the machine warming up. *Cracks fingers*

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https://photos.app.goo.gl/K5JUPb7aHdkstQwTA my video…you be the judge.

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Thoughts. If he had access to your account you would know about it when logged in from a different device. If he could delete videos he would of deleted the one where he looks directly at the camera. Definitely seems like some suspicious activity. Alfred reliance is an internet connection so even though Alfred says he’s connection is good is that the connection between the camera and the router if so then just disabling the internet and not the router might suffice or even reduce it to such a degree as to not have enough bandwidth for Alfred to operate but still be shown as connected. Either way it seems like a lot of hassle just to have a sniff around in your undie draw !

I have a free acct to n while i have several issues like this i wont even get to i noticed that some times the clips arent available right away some times like an hour or so later unless in my case the culprit was altering then put it back but in yours again why wouldnt he just delete himself

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