Easy Fixes for 3004

turn smartphone into security camera

I keep getting error message 3004 (failed to log in to Google). How can I fix that?

Here’s the funny thing: sometimes it might appear that you are properly logged in to Google when you are actually not. That is when you get error message 3004.

Don’t worry tho! There are a couple of easy fixes that will get your Alfred back up and running in no time!

First of all, in most cases, 3004 happens on the Camera end. Here is what we need you to do:

1) Get your Camera device and find the line that says "(your account name) is online."

turn smartphone into baby cam

2) Tap on that line and confirm you want to log out.

turn smartphone into pet monitor

3) You will go offline for a second or two before Alfred automatically logs you back in.

turn smartphone into nanny cam

If this doesn’t solve the problem, switch your Camera Phone’s WiFi off and back on again.

You are ready to go!

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Mine happened when the camera phone ran out of battery. Wifi turned itself off to save power.
When I plugged it back in, I had to manually turn wifi back on.

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Hey @planstech,

That is definitely a possibility!

To ensure continuous surveillance, we definitely encourage you to keep your Camera plugged in!