Dual tasking as both Viewer and Camera

Why must equipment be strictly either “camera”, or “viewer” and not able to be both? I have 2 phones, and a tablet. When all 3 are camera, there sometimes is an error msg stating “waiting for viewer”… Which stops all 3 from detecting motion and recording video… Even though I should be able to view from “web viewer” internet page.

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It doesn’t make sense how you get an error message “waiting for viewer”, this is usually only on setup that its “Waiting for viewer” to complete camera connection setup.

Also when 1 camera goes down, that doesn’t affect any of the other phones. Only the internet could wipe out all 3 phones, or a pushed update from google play usually kills Alfred sometimes.

Once you setup a phone, view with PC webviewer, and just before you actually view your phone should be saying “Waiting for Viewer”. And to my recollection this only happens during setup. After you connect and disconnect at will.

But yes, that could be a cool idea to use device as viewer and camera, but to what purpose. Normally a camera is set in place, and when not in use can be turned into a viewer unless under android 4.0. But I do get the idea, just having a hard time thinking of a use for camera and viewer at same time.

I have a problem similar. Uses two tablets as a camera, but can only see one camera on both computer and tablet no. Alfred has not yet come up with a solution.