Downloading moments to computer

1 issue and 1 wish:

1: The download icon isn’t visible when viewing the videos from the moments list (but facebook and link icons are visible). I know where the icon should be because I’ve used it to successfully download moments on a different windows machine (maybe that was OS9? it is unavailable to me now)

Running Windows 8.1
Google Chrome is up to date Version 66.0.3359.181 (Official Build) (64-bit)

2: We really need a way to download multiple videos at a time. Even adding a checkbox to make selections in the list view would be helpful and an easy way to keep track of which files were downloaded. it is tedious to manually select 300 videos at a time.

Thank you!


Hi @halsmithweisser,

Thank you for reaching out!

  1. While you are viewing the videos from the Moment, you may try to right-click the video to download the clips. Also you can check out another solution here:
  1. Download multiple videos at once is something we would like to develop in the future. Please stay tuned!

Hope it helps!

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To clarify, there was a “Share” icon that allowed me to choose download to local drive. Where did it go?

Option 1 does not name the file correctly with time/date stamp. I will look into using the downloader addon with firefox, as cumbersome as it may be with hundreds of clips that need to be archived offline.

Still, I am confused why the download icon disappeared. It was there about 3 weeks ago. Why remove features?