Dog sitting a vocal dog with separation anxiety


I was asked to dog sit for my neighbour who has a dog that likes to bark when nobody is home. We live in townhouses, so we share walls with other residents, and there’s one neighbour in particular who is the type of person to call in a bylaw noise complaint first, and then address it directly never.
Being a person with things to do, I wasn’t able to be physically in the house all the time, so I thought about some kind of video monitor app that I could use over the internet when I wasn’t on the same wifi network.
I found Alfred and set it up and it was amazing how on top of the dogs barking I was able to stay. He likes to go into the living room to put on his noisy little concert, so that’s where I pointed the camera. The motion detection feature let me know whenever he was there and would start barking. The two-way voice feature worked wonderfully, I’d just press the button and say “no barking!” And he’d look around kind of confused for a second, turn around a few times and then just plop down and nap. Seems like he just needed to know there was the appearance of someone there for him to calm down.
Alfred made my job so much easier and kept the persnickety neighbour appeased enough that I didn’t hear about any complaints!
I was also not there when they got back from their trip, so getting the motion notification was very nice. It was funny to see their reactions when I beeped in to say ‘Welcome Home!’ They knew that even if I wasn’t physically there, I was still on top of things.