Does the camera device display have to be set to never sleep?



It would be really helpful if you’d provide the following information so our engineer colleagues can identify and solve your problem sooner.

Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera
Device Model Name:
OS Version:

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Hi @jemersonmcgowan,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Once you set up the Camera, please tap OK. Alfred will dim the screen will functioning continuously. We do suggest, however, that you turn off all battery-saving modes in the device. The problem with battery-saving modes is they tend to reduce the device’s WiFi reception capacity, which could stop Alfred from working properly.

After that, just make sure your Camera is plugged in and you are good to go!

Let me know if this helps!


The camera device has the problem, it keep say can’t be connected, but I see the picture. The camera device model: moto(4) manufacturer: Motorola. Please me.


Hi @monaycobb17,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Do you see an error code? Do you mean you can see the thumbnail but can’t watch live feed? Let me know more so I can get it fixed for you!


iPhone 6&7, iOS, iphone6 is the camera
Do I need to set it as never sleep?
Thank you


Hi @pamalain,

Thank you for reaching out!

This is not necessary (or possible with iOS devices). Please make sure Alfred is running in the foreground and don’t hit the Home button. You can also enable Guided Access to increase stability:

Hope this helps!