Does motion detection still work if I use Apple IPhone etc



Hello there. My friend is the carer of her very old father. As with anyone she sometimes needs to go for errands. She is very protective of her father and wanted a way of keeping an eye on him just in case he decides to move and perhaps have a fall. As I used Alfred I have installed Alfred on her I Phone and I gave her an Android Samsung. The I Phone is the receiver and the Samsung is the camera. I have set the movement detection on the Camera to Medium. Whilst the camera is transmitting she is not receiving the movement alarm on the I Phone.

Is there a problem with using I Phone as the receiver and an Android? Am I missing a setting in the camera phone to switch on the MD? As I say I have set the MD on the Samsung to medium.


Hi @edwinflynn5,

Thank you so much for reaching out! It is very kind of you to recommend Alfred to your friend!

iPhone should definitely be able to receive notifications. Would you be able to check two things for me?

  1. Make sure notifications are set up:
    How do I set up notifications?
  2. Make sure she has enabled notifications from Alfred on her iPhone.

If things still don’t work as they should, please message me her Gmail (just the account not the password) so I can take a closer look.

Keep me posted!


Thanks for you help. The notifications are turned on her I-phone 7. I noted that when I turned the notifications on the Iphone Alfred did not show the different sounds to choose from as happened when I turned the notifications on the Samsung Galaxy. She can see her father live but is not receiving the notifications of movement, which mean she has to be looking all the time in case he has a fall.

Her email address is

Thanks again


Sorry I made a mistake with the email address. The Alfred software is registered to


Hi @edwinflynn5,

It does seem like the settings are right (also, the iOS version of Alfred doesn’t allow users to choose their ring tone yet). Could you get her to go to Settings – Notifications – Alfred, and make sure notifications are allowed?

Please let me know how this works. I’d really love to help your friend make sure her dad’s alright!


Thank you Sunny. I will try that when I go and visit her later today.


Hi @edwinflynn5,

Thank you SO much for trying to figure this out for your friend! It’s so incredibly sweet of you!

From what we can see on the logs, Alfred does send notifications out. Therefore, the only hypothesis we have for the moment is the notifications haven’t been enabled on the device.

Please keep me posted!


I have tried everything and cannot get notifications working. Using iphone 4s and 5s as cameras and a 6SE as viewer. help


Hi @jnsmith1491,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

Could you quickly check if you have allowed notifications from Alfred on your Viewer? Go to Settings – Notifications – Alfred, and allow notifications.

Let me know if it helps!


Yes, I have notifications ON in both menu settings. Still nothing.


I really do like your app, but with no notifications it is useless.


OK, I think I have got this figured out now. I deleted the Alfred apps on all three iPhones and then reinstalled and setup each one new. During the setup you must set notification on in the settings menu under Notifications AND under the Alfred app. (And DO NOT change these Notification sets after this). Control the Alfred ONLY with the Motion Detection setting (Event Book). This seems to be working fine and I just control each camera from the viewer and DON’T touch the notification setting that were set during the initial setup. (If you do change notification it appears to corrupt the database and it will not recover without a complete delete and reinstall - which is the only way to get a new database on an iPhone app. I think your software gurus have some work to do to fix this problem. But, I am hoping that this workaround will work for now so I can finish my evaluation of your product.


Hi @jnsmith1491,

Thank you for keeping me posted.

This is really strange, as we have not experienced the situation at all. We will look into it. Please keep me posted if you need further assistance!