Does Alfred want to burn down my house?


I just noticed today after looking at two of my phones I used for security that the batteries had swollen to the point they were nearly blowing up the phone. Had I not discovered this they could very well have exploded and burned my six bedroom Log Cabin to the ground. Exactly how does this company explain how to keep a phone battery from swelling and exploding when it’s left plugged in 24/7? I have a third phone that isn’t swelling but it will not hold a charge during the day and continuously discharges and then recharges and I often have to reset all the phones as they like to shut off whenever they feel like it. Without recharging every single phone every single day and not keeping them plugged in around the clock how are people avoiding this potential disaster of exploding batteries and Fire?


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Thank you for sharing your experience with us, and we are deeply sorry for what happened.

There are many reasons that could cause the batteries to swell. Batteries have some sort of natural life expectancy, and Camera Phones already served for some time before they were retired as Cameras. Charging accessories (we recommend charging accessories from the original manufacturers) as well as mechanisms that prevent overcharging also make a significant difference.

Actually, if you hit OK, Alfred will dim the screen. Motion Detection is probably the more energy-intensive feature. Would you be able to disable the Camera from time to time with Alfred’s Remote Switch?

Also, when a device is running nonstop, it is normal for it to produce some heat. If it’s possible, unplugging the Camera Phones for a few hours each day (when you are home, for example) would help. We can imagine how dangerous it is to leave the Cameras plugged in and operating for three weeks. However, we do have some tips to keep the temperature of your devices low. Please check it out here:

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Frankly it’s a bogus argument that you have. You should let people know up front that it’s not a great idea to use cell phones for this purpose because no one wants to take the time to fiddle with a security camera every single day. That tells me it’s bit of a bogus company as well. The first thing potential users of the app should be told is that this could potentially explode and set your house on fire.


To play devils advocate, Alfred the App is not capable of causing any explosion or fire, the device you use has the potential of this. Alfred is responsible for Alfred not your phone or internet or anything else.


You are a shill. That is the typical corporate business boy excuse.


Wow what a compliment, thank you sir but I regretfully have to inform you that you are wrong but it made me smile. You are of course entitled to your opinion but I take great pleasure in laughing at your ludicrous deduction. I will bookmark this post so when I’m feeling down… which is never I can look at it to make me laugh and I shall be laughing in your general direction.
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