Does Alfred camera run on an Android 2.3.5 phone without a data sim card or google play services installed

Hi I have just got Alfred working between two phones and it is working fine, so this is just a bonus.

I have also found a very old Huawei mobile phone running Android 2.3.5 (no data sim, just wifi) which does not have google play services installed but does have a working camera, wifi and a sdcard,
I can start Alfred in camera mode but cannot logon using my Google account. It sends a two step authorisation to my other phones which I reply Yes but the old phone just hangs.
Do I need a data sim card or do I need a phone that supports google play services please?
many thanks


Hey Chris,

Welcome to Alfred Center!

Please try the apk link here to update Alfred on your device: (Camera only)

Let us know if you need further assistance!


It helped in my case (old Samsung GT-S5830i with Cyanogenmod 11). Thanks.

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Is there a newer one

The apk will be updated along with the official new version of Alfred while the link remains unchanged. Just keep the link and make sure you install the latest apk to update Alfred on your Android phone! :wink:

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Ahoj nerušim napiš 737169152

Old phone has very small internal memory which goes away with google play services . So Alfred Camera app should not require google play service on camera phone. It should allow with simple user logins. This way you camera app really mean for old android phone which has small memory in that. Also on old andorid 2.3.x version now allow button is disbaled when try to authorize Alfred app using OAuth. I am struggling with this issue since 2 days. Inpast I used same phone to utilize Alfred Camera function but after factor reset I have to install it agian and faced this issue. Seems some changes done in google or Alfred side for Android 2.3.x oauth support.

Are you using the camera only APK ?