Do you hack into my camera?

well my sister said that you can hack my camera and so i couldn’t use it anymore and I want to prove her wrong any awnsers?

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@nomnomnev Anything is hackable, But I have used a lot of systems and this system Not Alfred par sa but the security it employs, The security is down to you,. Keep your Gmail account password safe, Use a long password like a short sentence. And don’t share it. Job done you can now feel safe using Alfred as long as you trust Google. :smiling_imp:


HI @nomnomnev,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Since Alfred adopts Google login, no one could have access to your Camera unless you share the Camera with someone or others get your account information. Please check out more details here:

Hope it helps!

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I think I caught my wife cheating in our house she’s saying that my account must have been hacked i didn’t see it i heard a women’s voice like hers and also it had tv
Background noise that i cleared up

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There are other Apps that can be activated by sound.