Do I need an infrared camera for my security system to function in the dark?

Security cameras equipped with night vision capacity could cost you extra, while Alfred is a FREE app that enables every phone to see in the dark! You can turn on/off Night Vision from your Viewer Phone. It’s that convenient!

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No. That’s not really true alfred. Your app only put a green hue and enhanced contrast of the recorded image close tho. Without light present you cant see a thing. I even have the footage


Hi @brandonberbardj,

Thank you for your feedback!

We did figure out the name “Night Vision” could be somehow misleading, so we have changed it to Low-Light Filter recently:

You are absolutely right: you’d need a little light for the filter to function. Alfred is an app, which means image-processing technology is as far as it can go. If you are shooting for more, you might actually have to look into extra equipment.

Hope this helps!


El filtro de poca luz de Alfred, me parece magnífico, aunque, si bien es cierto, que necesita cierta cantidad de iluminación para que funcione, es un resultado que no obtuve con otras aplicaciones que probé; por ese motivo y por otras características interesantes, me quedé con Alfred.

The filter of low light of Alfred, seems to me magnificent, although, although it is certain, that it needs certain amount of illumination so that it works, is a result that I did not obtain with other applications that I tried; for that reason and for other interesting features, I stayed with Alfred.

You could set up the phone to operate in infrared by removing the red filter from the lens but you would still have to provide additional infrared light but the infrared LED’s are cheap enough. Or an infrared motion sensor above the phone.


Also you risk destroying the camera device trying to remove the filter as they are so tiny, fiddly and mostly inaccessible.