Do canceled monthly membership get a refund?

(I asked this before but the posted answer was corrupted so I’m reposting)
It looks like I need to pay all 12 months when I upgrade with the monthly membership. So if I cancel this after one month, will I be refunded the remaining 11 months? I can’t find the answer anywhere in the Terms of Service, etc

I haven’t used alfred since it charged me 32.00 on a fixed income and want my money back.


Generally, all charges for purchases are nonrefundable, and there are no refunds for partially used periods. For the moment, we only issue the refund when the user buys the same upgrade items at the same time or there’s a system error that causes the user fails to access upgrade features.

You can check out our Terms of Service

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let us know if you have more questions.

At least I should have a message about regular payment. I have not used this app at the moment. I have automatically requested a refund since it is a regular payment. If the refund is processed only for a functional problem, there seems to be a lot of problems. I also made a regular payment automatically after 1 year periodic payment and requested a refund, but it is not processed. You would not have applied for this service if you knew that it would automatically be a regular payment from the beginning.

Olá,eu paguei para um mês e falou que posso cancelar a qualquer momento o plano Premium.Mas não achei a opção de cancelar.

Buenas noches como puedo cancelar mi membresía

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Because i never authorized these purches for these apps nor would i have any use for them whats ever at all so please id like my refund bk immediately please and thank you

Plus i want you yo unsubscribe me from this app immediately and a full refund asap please and thank you for your time.

You will not get any joy here Bro. You will have to email them

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