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@bronxnyzapp Alfred reliance is on an internet connection to upload motion detection videos to the secure cloud storage as videos are not saved locally.


Una pregunta cuantas camaras puedo instalarle a alfred en modo gratis y en modo pago cuantas y el precio es igual


No you can’t use laptop camera


I you jusrut sitting by the phone and hook it up


@generalthomas61 sorry lost you a bit there ?


Ever since my oreo 8 update I’ve lost data connection 7008 from camera. Was the app updated.


Puedes instalar todas las que quieras! En la version de pago solo hay calidad HD, ZoomIN en la camara y libre de anuncios


I absolutely love this system. I haven’t upgraded to premium yet, but even with the completely free version I am thrilled! I can’t say enough good things about it, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a home security app. Thank you and great job!


if your trying to link it to your computer its a waste of time youl not get there?? crap

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I love this app used all my old devices best thing ever


If you would step up your compatibility game ( be able to add any security cameras on the market) that would be something no other DIY security camera app has and is a pretty bad ass asset period to have on your list off billable options upgrade wise. This is such a great money making idea for your company hope you send me some cash bc it’s gonna be a game changer for ya…


Agreed. I’d love to be able to link in an actual camera with real motion sensing to my setup. I’ve had premium alfred for a few years and it’s great, but motion sensing is still lacking(sunlight setting it off billion times a day but missed the person that walked past lol.


Ja wenn du Alfred auch drauf hast dann musst du sie nur verbinden ,laptop als Kamera einstellen und das Handy als Empfänger.


Depends the operating system. I have a chromebook lenova cheep laptop that i use all the time with the mounted camera on the top the screen it works great. I just downloaded the app from the app store and set er up like any other setup


I would like the camera to detect people or animals, because my camera recorded a thief only 5 seconds but the shadow of the trees recorded it for 2 minutes, very bad! I’m very disappointed


Hi Fidel,

Welcome to Alfred Center!

Alfred’s Motion Detection algorithm decides if there has been “movement” by comparing one frame with the next. We are dedicated to making the Motion Detection algorithm smarter by detecting specific movement. Before that becomes a reality, could you try a different setup? You are also always welcome to send us a link to a Motion Event or even a photo of what you see on the Viewer. That way, we can give you more specific advice.

Give this a go and let us know how it works out!






Mobile phones are great because they do not take up a lot of room. If someone is in your home they can close your laptop. Mobile phone they have to get close and personal to stop your phone. Oh if phone is turned off it alerts you. The video image is sent to your phone on you and saved for 7 days. You have the option to download or send any video to your email/phone.


@inscoephotography I agree with Alfred running on your mobile and the device secured with a pin most would be scum bags would look at it as soon as it was in thier grubby mitts. It doesn’t have to be hung on the wall or hid under the sofa. Just hide it in plain sight.