DIY Home Security You'll Regret missing out

Is that maybe because the night vision is on?


I was informed (possibly mid-informed) by Grey Goose about a non-disclosure agreement bc techniquically you can sue


You do not need service on the phones your using for a camera.only internet…ie wifi…then set up the viewer on the phone with a account.this way you can access cameras from any where any time.i have 3 phones i purchased at garage sakes now turned into free camera monitored security.Love it


This is great stuff dose anybody know how to hook one outside where the weather won’t screw up the cam



Here are some tips for putting Alfred outdoors to guard your house:

And under this category, you can also find some users sharing their excellent ideas for setting up:

Hope you can find the best way for you among them! If you come up with a better idea, you are welcome to share it with us, too!


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I’m continuing to try to install Alfred on my old smartphone. For some reason, it’s not downloading. Am I doing something wrong? TYIA

@wendy_sauer how old ? What Android version are you running on ?

You could try
This is a camera device only version.
For Android.




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Good read. I’m still figuring out how to use this. I’m curious, can I install the app and keep it invisible.

Alfred can not run in stealth mode please refer to Google play store terms and conditions.

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Yes u can,and I think it’s better

I’m trying to hook up my security camera I’m trying to hook this one up for a security camera

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Same here can you help

I have alot of cool ideas for this app. Would it be possible to set up an interview for possible developments with Alfred through full time or part time employment?

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