DIY Home Security You'll Regret missing out


You need an internet connection be it data mobile service or WiFi which has access to the internet.


idk if everyone is as happy to have stumbled across this app but I LOVE IT!!!THANKS and this is not a FaKe post peeps i actually used this to find our cat that was misssing for over a month and can keep an eye on the house if needed so RAD good job alfred…


One word FANTASTISK!!!


Is premium really really worth it. My neighbourhood is ok not the best Fed back would be great. .? Who can see what I see also is it private



Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

Alfred Premium offers Zoom, HD viewing/recording, 30-day Event storage, Motion Detection Schedule, Motion Events up to 120-sec long, as well as ad-removal! Please find out more here:

You can always sign up for a month to see how it works for you. If you don’t like it, you can cancel the subscription anytime you want.

Hope this helps!




Yes, I’m using my Chromebook as a cat monitor/security cam.


I paid for Premium and I don’t have it


This is not working properly. It freezes when it wants to and they block me from some important information. It is easy to get tampered with



Could you tell us a bit more about the problem so we can look into it for you? Screenshot or videos can be really helpful. In the meantime, you can also find some quick solutions from our FAQ:

Hope this helps!


Is that maybe because the night vision is on?


I was informed (possibly mid-informed) by Grey Goose about a non-disclosure agreement bc techniquically you can sue


You do not need service on the phones your using for a camera.only internet…ie wifi…then set up the viewer on the phone with a account.this way you can access cameras from any where any time.i have 3 phones i purchased at garage sakes now turned into free camera monitored security.Love it


This is great stuff dose anybody know how to hook one outside where the weather won’t screw up the cam



Here are some tips for putting Alfred outdoors to guard your house:

And under this category, you can also find some users sharing their excellent ideas for setting up:

Hope you can find the best way for you among them! If you come up with a better idea, you are welcome to share it with us, too!


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I’m continuing to try to install Alfred on my old smartphone. For some reason, it’s not downloading. Am I doing something wrong? TYIA


@wendy_sauer how old ? What Android version are you running on ?

You could try
This is a camera device only version.
For Android.