DIY Home Security You'll Regret missing out


Thanks for the advice. I’ll try clearing the cache and then restarting it.


@dmthiessen66 please read this link.

I installed Alfred on 2 phones but it keeps telling me "You are just one step away"


First uninstall/reinstall on both devices. Make sure you log into Google play using same email as on both devices being used. If this doesn’t do it it’s usually an issue with the devices.


Não estou conseguindo visualizar a câmera , que eu devo fazer


Yes android or I phone would work perfect



PC/laptop as a security camera 'NOT ALFRED"


But for me, Alfred was the easiest to set up. After just two days I upgraded to the Ad-free for $16.99.
I believe it was one of the better investments. I feel safer, more secure when I’m away and I am helping support Alfred.


@danney2277 I agree. I’m just saying for the PC laptop which isn’t available for Alfred yet, there are alternatives.


Com v5l. 6mñ11 bell Jimmy b​:smirk::smirk:


Why must i have service on my old smartphone also?
I have service on my phone so why on both as wifi i dont have


@bronxnyzapp Alfred reliance is on an internet connection to upload motion detection videos to the secure cloud storage as videos are not saved locally.


Una pregunta cuantas camaras puedo instalarle a alfred en modo gratis y en modo pago cuantas y el precio es igual


No you can’t use laptop camera


I you jusrut sitting by the phone and hook it up


@generalthomas61 sorry lost you a bit there ?


Ever since my oreo 8 update I’ve lost data connection 7008 from camera. Was the app updated.


Puedes instalar todas las que quieras! En la version de pago solo hay calidad HD, ZoomIN en la camara y libre de anuncios


I absolutely love this system. I haven’t upgraded to premium yet, but even with the completely free version I am thrilled! I can’t say enough good things about it, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a home security app. Thank you and great job!


if your trying to link it to your computer its a waste of time youl not get there?? crap

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