Dissatisfied with Premium Subscription. Refund



I purchased the one year HD just a week or so ago and have utilized the application for less than 24 hours. I am not finding it much better than the free version as the quality often reverts back to low definition every few seconds.

I have contacted you guys several times about this issue. I would appreciate a refund.

Thank you,


@sselvia039 this is where my post would be relevant

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Hi Selvia,

We are sorry to hear Alfred Premium hasn’t seemed to work as it should for you.

Would you be able to send us a link to an Event so we can take a look and offer you more specific advice?

Thanks for the help!




HD is only a useful feature if your phone is HD also.

Its like when Blu Ray players came out, people bought them thinking they would get HD quality and you had to by a Blu Ray compatible TV. I assume your phone is an older version, or your camera is a low Mega Pixel rating. 8MP and below I don’t believe qualify as HD Maybe 13.2 MP and higher.


This is where I believe the problem is with Alfred’s premium, user’s sign up expecting all the bells and whistles but are then disappointed because of their hardware, setup, or because they have an iPhone,. Best let the full app loose so end users know the full potential then use the subscription to what I believe is Alfreds best attribute the secure cloud storage, maybe you could have notifications enabled / disabled for premium users to add another enticement.