Disabled n home alone

Iam a 52 disabled male n this app has helped me so much. often im stuck in bed with pain that prevents me from moving alot. I mounted a old cell to the front deck ceiling using a old dash mount i screwed to rafter. I use it to monitor the coming n going of visitors or solicitors. I have pitched the alfred system to a dozen people in the last several months n they all joined our happt alfred family. This has helped me in so many ways n thank you. One more step in making it safe for us disabled.


Dear bartlettmcintyre,

I too am disabled, chronic pain, and a single mother. I completely concur with your message. This app has helped us out tremendously. Gives me the peace of mind for which I was searching. I tried an actual surveillance camera, but the app was difficult to use, and rarely worked. Alfred hasn’t disappointed, and has excellent customer support.
I truly hope things get better for your physically.


You are a sad, bitter person. Besides, wasn’t talking to you… obviously. Poor you… this is all the attention you will receive. :*-( @dl784077


Thanks Alfred wowwwwww

Interesting topic! Thanks!