Diary room


Hi Alfred Employees.

This isn’t so much a request for myself, but rather a suggestion for you to use as another Alfred selling point. I genuinely admire your product and where possible, would like to suggest stuff that might help you. So, onto the idea.

It strikes me that Alfred could also be used as a 100% hassle free: diary, thought and reminder recorder.

We’ve all had an interesting thought pop into our heads that we’re sure we’ll remember when we come to do something about it. We’ve all been unloading the washing machine or mowing the lawn and had a great idea about something going on in our lives – but then later on we get that dull pang of something that we thought of that could be useful, or that thing you’ve been meaning to add to the shopping list for weeks, but every time you go to add it – erm, what was it again?

Well, my idea is to simply walk in front of one of your Alfred cameras and with plenty of bodily movement, say concisely what it is you want to remember. And that’s it. At the earliest opportunity (certainly within 7 or 30 days, depending on what you ‘pay’ for), then go to the App and star the video as a moment or download it. There’s your instant reminder. No having to wrestle your phone out of your pocket to either type your idea, or open a voice recording app. No having to find a pen or paper to write your idea down in as much detail as needed to remember the spirit of it. You just simply walk in front of your motion-activated recording camera and, yap yap yap, record your idea in full.

This idea is useful for all ages, thought particularly useful to those of us of a certain age who can do with all the help we can get in the memory department.

A natural extension of this idea is a reduced-hassle way to send people simple video messages. Again, walk in front of one of your Alfred cameras, trigger a motion detection video, then send the link to whomever you want to see that message/video.


This is such a great idea! Maybe with the excellent staff and administrators this could be realty.:ok_hand:


Hi Ben,

Thank you so much for sharing your excellent ideas with us.

We will make sure to deliver the concept to our engineering team! For now, you can actually ask Siri and Google Assistant to help you take a reminder or send something to others. Could you let us know why you think this feature should also be added to Alfred?


@ricardo. Noooooo… well yes okay anything is possible but please before you turn Alfred into the swiss army knife of the Android security camera software app please provide us mere mortals whom only wish to place our camera device and record motion to the cloud securely an appropriate Alfred Lite version.


Will Teasmade Integration be a viable option ?


I like your style, Pinky. There aren’t enough people in this world who say what they truly feel.

However, something has very definitely gotten lost in translation here.

I am not proposing any kind of software change at all, and I am not asking for anything to be added to the Alfred software or app.

I am merely suggesting (for the purposes of creative sales copy) another way to sell the product – another thing you can do with the already existing setup.


Ricardo, I refer you to my third and forth paragraph above. I put my idea in the ‘make a wish’ section because I couldn’t think of a more appropriate place for it to go.

In summary though, I’m suggesting Alfred could also suggest there existing product/software could be used for:

  1. A hands-free, no need to even manually or audibly activate the recording (because motion sensing will trigger it) way of recording thoughts and ideas so you don’t inevitably forget them. You’ve then got 7 or 30 days to retrieve the video (and its contained idea).

  2. A hands-free, no need to even manually or audibly activate the recording (because motion sensing will trigger it) way of recording a video that you can then get the external link to before messaging someone that external link so they can watch the video.

I hope that clarifies the nature of my idea. In essence, I’m just proposing another concept/use of the Alfred software/app (lesser in importance than its main function as a security camera) that you can use as a ‘another great reason to use Alfred!’.

If it’s a bad idea, or not really of any use – no hard feelings :slight_smile:


Hey Ben. I love your ideas. Sorry I thought you would be able to recognize British humour ( sarcasm )
See you on the dark side. I see you have crossed over. :zipper_mouth_face: :thinking: :sunglasses:



Pinky Dinky Do

sometimes sarcasm can be very difficult to detect in the 2D space of a computer screen, :slight_smile: especially when two people don’t really know each other. But we live and learn, and I’m sure as we get to know each other, these little misunderstandings will disappear :slight_smile:


@benjohnmiller I concur. And look forward to the journey of enlightenment together as we seek out the ever eternal path of upgrades which Alfred so lovingly and levishly bestows upon us.


So, the idea that you are getting across is “walk in front of the camera” and “with plenty of bodily movement” record yourself a message to pull up later so you can remember something that when you were unloading the washing machine you thought of. AND, it may be “particularly useful to those of us of a certain age who can do with all the help we can get in the memory department”. I have to say by the time the person walks upstairs, most washing machines are in the basement, and gets in front of a camera and keeps moving around the person of “age” would be out of breath from hiking up the stairs and constantly moving, not being able to speak at the crucial time and would have forgot what they were doing anyways due to lack of oxygen. LOL. Just joking!
ANYWAYS, for real, for me it would not be useful because I wouldn’t want to stop what I was doing and get to the camera.Because of course this is suppose to be more useful then pulling out a phone from my pocket and hitting record from where ever I am. Sorry but its a no go for me. I do like the point of getting the idea in more detail then writing something down.


@bmurr710 hi Beth. Please post a photo of your MG I’m guessing you have managed to keep the infernal rust at bay ?


POINTS !! Dont forget the ZUNE please.


Fair enough, Beth. The idea doesn’t work for you, either as a concept or practically. I’m sure many others would find themselves agreeing with you.

But there will also be just as many with perhaps a few cameras around the house (I have three) that allow them to walk in front of the camera and ‘brain dump’ :grinning: That’s really the spirit of my idea.

Again, no modifications made to the Alfred app, just using what’s already there.

Perhaps boiled down to a headline: “more fun things got can do with your Alfred camera.”

Body copy: Alfred is primarily for your security. But here are a few other ways you can use the app to benefit your life.

Obviously, the end user will either use them or not. Either way, nothing has been lost.


I like that better, “more fun things got can do with your Alfred camera.” Kudos for that. See I don’t have the cameras facing IN my house rather out the windows. So it would be fun to jump around in front of the cams,for the motion detector of course, and spill my brain OUTSIDE my house. Lol! what the neighbors would think…and i never really care.


How can I do that here? I would be happy to, I love my lil Suzie.


@bmurr710 bottom right corner of the text box you type in there is a pointy up icon :arrow_up: just click on that then chose your file/photo.


Here, here! Alfred lite!
And a cost effective solution for those not bearing the responsibility of the good ol dollar.
Now that would be a COOL move.