Devices with no functional Play Store, like GT-I5800

This device GT-I5800 with android 2.3 (updated from original Android 2.2 to CM7.2) is used for camera, running this wonderful app flawlessly. It does not support upgrading google play store anymore, so I can not download upgrades from google store to upgrade Alfred. Even Google Play Services can not be installed or upgraded because of internal memory size issues.

For this kind of devices (ideal for use as camera) with no functional store would be nice to have some direct link to APK installer from Alfred forum / site, so we can dowload to PC and then transfer file to device, install and run updated Alfred.



Try this. It’s a link to the latest camera only Alfred APK.


Hi. Thanks for reply.
Is this APK ( the build 5.9 for Alfred ? This file has 23.3MB and newest file build 5.9 from this site ( has 26.9MB !?

Why the size difference ?

Thanks again.

I’m guessing that the size difference is that this is a camera only version.