Descuento de mi tarjeta



solo pague un mes pero me sigue descontando de la tarjeta y ya no quiero el servicio premium


Hi @djfonzie ,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred.

It was made clear to you when you signed up for Alfred Premium that it is a subscription service. If you no longer wish to keep your membership, please find out how to cancel it here:

Would you help us make Alfred better by letting us know why you want to cancel? We’d really appreciate it!


I cancel subscription last month an on 26 or near the service stop but this month you charge the same bill on my card


Yo hablo mejor español yo cancele hace más de un mes en Google play la subscripcion El servicio lo cortaron entre el 20 o 26 del mes pasado y este mes me sale un descuento por el servicio en mi tarjeta y no lo estoy recibiendo. Debo ir a mi banco y denunciar ese cobro ilegítimo?


Hola @djfonzie,

Bienvenido a Alfred Center!

We took a look at the logs and it seemed that your subscription had been canceled on Jul 29th, 2018. If you’re still being charged, please forward a copy of the receipt you received from Google Play Store/App Store/PayPal to so we can take a look and help you fix it ASAP.

Keep us posted!


this is from my bank account


if you see I write to cancel before june 6 you can see here


Hi Rafael,

Thanks for providing the information.

The receipt was for the subscription from June 28th to July 28th, and you canceled the Premium service on July 29th, 2018.

Please let us know if you have other questions/feedback for Alfred in the future.