Deleting an old camera unit

Hello, can someone please tell me how to delete an old camera. On my alltell one touch phone camera unit, I had to uninstall and reinstall because the camera was showing a black circle in the on position vs a white circle for the rest of my cameras. When I reinstalled, the old unit never left the lineup, but thankfully the new unit which is the same phone appears with the white on circle. Thank you…btw…awesome app!

Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera
Device Model Name:
OS Version:

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Hey @maineheathfamily,

Thanks for reaching out!

Please make sure the device you want to delete is offline. Tap on the circle on the upper left of the camera thumbnail, and you will see the “delete the camera” option.

You may want to go through the Events you would like to keep before you do that tho, otherwise they will most probably be gone!

Please check this out for video-saving instructions:

Hope this helps!