Deleted videos recovery option? Can i recover or see which videos got deleted

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For the moment, once an Event has been deleted, it is gone for good. The process of deleting videos is actually pretty elaborate, so the chance of accidentally deleting something is low.

To make sure you hold on to the recordings you need, please save them ASAP:

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Thoughtfully, this Mac iPhone data recovery gives option to recover not only deleted videos but also lost photos, messages, notes, contacts, call history, reminders, etc. from your iOS devices, iTunes or iCloud backups.
It also makes it possible to preview all scanned content in real time and selectively choose what you want before recovery.
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You can scan your phone all day for the video but until @yiliayang0809 software can access Alfred’s servers then you are just wasting time and I’m guessing MONEY.

Of course you can recover deleted videos. If you are iOS user, you can try to use iPhone Data Recovery for Windows. It is for all iOS users to recover deleted or lost videos, messages, notes, contacts, photos, calendars, videos, music, etc from iPhone/iPad/iPod, iTunes backup files and iCloud backup files. Only 3 simple steps, you can recover all data efficiently. You can learn more about how to recover lost iPhone data on Tuneskit.

As above. @bestekchen please explain how your software is going to scan the Alfred servers ?

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When you lose videos from digital devices like memory card, memory stick and other external storage devices then video file recovery is possible if you have appropriate recovery tool with you. Here, you can try Video File Recovery Tool with the help of which, you can easily recover your lost videos in just a few easy steps.