Customize Notification on Each Camera ( Android 8.0 & above only)



A while ago, some superheroes found it struggled to be unable to change the sound for Motion Detection Notification on their Viewer with Android OS 8.0 above. After a period of effect, this issue is solved with a brand new setting feature – Customize notification on each Camera!

How to ? (Tap on the arrow icon for more info)

1. Go to System Settings > Notifications > Alfred, or tap "DETAILS" after long pressing the new Motion Event Push from Alfred

Choose “Notifications”


Choose “Alfred”


Long press the push and choose “DETAILS”


2. Apply a general setting or choose a device below "CAMERA" to modify each device's setting

Change general setting or choose a device below “CAMERA”


3. Change notification setting for each Camera

Customize the notification setting on each Camera device


Give this a go!

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