Custom notification sound for each camera



I would really like to assign different notification sounds and/or vibration patterns to each camera. I could leave my phone in my pocket much more often =-)

When you wish upon a star…

Another Alfred dream of mine would be the ability to be able to arrange and watch multiple live camera feeds at once on my monitor.

Thank you for making a wonderful security and monitoring product and offering so much for nothing… I am a single parent, with teenage children that come and go and thanks to Alfred I actually know when and most often with whom that is, plus I can talk to them straight through the system in real-time (feel like we are living in Star Trek or something, ha. These features are invaluable to me and I simply would not be able to afford other solutions… THANK YOU! Keep up the fantastic work.

PS The first day I can afford to I will be upgrading for no other reason than to compensate Alfred for what I have already enjoyed!

My Alfred Memories - Share Your Superhero Story
My Alfred Memories - Share Your Superhero Story

Hi @curtiscolsen ,

Thank you for sharing your story with us, and making Alfred a better service by your feedback!

For the features you mentioned, we will definitely look into the possibilities in the future. Please stay tuned and continue to support Alfred!

Wish you the best!