Create zones for Motion detection


Hi there!! Any update on this topic? Or should we just expect the Person Detection option instead? I get a lot of false positive detections from trees moving because of wind and cloud shadows…


Looks like a case of hurry up and wait.


Instead of zoning why don’t you make the cameras recognize like a person or a tree or a certain card just like your fate earphone has face recognition you should have like 3 recognition once it has a week or 2 of this one item that is normally there it should have just a certain program that says this is already here this is always hear this is the I think that’s unusual and then have the camera start so maybe it’s needs of more like it in artificial intelligence Not a zoning app or something whatever you guys are talking about


I’d be careful what you wish for frankly. Sure from your pic you could get a few facial points. Enough images of you and it would be easier to recignise you.
It really depends on how far you’re willing to go, and who else might see it.


I’m not sure if AI is advanced enough to recognize trees yet. I’ve been working on a different program using the MS kinect Xbox sensor which has 3d mapping and once I have my garden tree mapped in it still let’s other trees in to the garden with out any alarm. Guess sometimes a tree is just a :evergreen_tree:. Got to try out the rose bushes next to see if they are a little more individual.


I’m pretty sure that is the right sort of rule of thumb.
I use 3D software for design. Within that there are tracking markers so you can insert something you like in 3D space. From what I see all markers have a Digital name for reference.
I suppose reverse designing this concept would bring that sort of close?


Upon finding no zone motion feature even under premium options, my opinion of Alfred camera dropped. Upon seeing Alfred Camera responses to these inquiries, especially the support’s idiotic question “why do you need zone motion”, and the continuous kicking of the can down the road with false promises, my opinion of Alfred camera has sunk even further. Too bad, looks like it had potential.


Alfred can be used as a free product and is totally up to the individual to indulge or not, Alfred also has a solid support base and active forum for any questions. And if you think some of the answers are bad like you one your referenced to you want to see some of the questions.
A zone mask is on the drawing board for Alfred as this would help reduce false positives. In the meantime please enjoy the secure cloud storage that Alfred offers for free.