Crazy connect, offline, reconnect status on screen

I have a few old phones. When I tried to connect all 4 old phones, their status are all going crazy – quickly flicking from connect to offline to reconnect. It’s like something is haywired. Even the main phone for viewing is not connecting properly and I can’t even see all phones on it. I thought it was that I was a free user and then I sent to purchase the annual subscription and now it is still not working. It’s devastating! HELP PLEASE!!!

It’s the same anomaly as you. I have two devices connected but I can’t see live video. However, only automatic recording is normal.

I can’t even record! I can’t view The cameras. I can’t do anything at all. Sad.

The content of the error seems to be a little different from Japan. Wait for improvement.

Can someone please help with this issue? I have just erased the iPhone and set it up again as a new iPhone (not restore through backup), did the whole Guided Access thing as well and still didn’t remove the problems. HELP PLEASE!


Thank you for reaching out.

When all of your cameras turn offline at the same time, there may be a specific reason for it. Could you connect your Cameras to another network connection(wifi/3/4G) for a couple days to see if the issue could be solved?

The other possibility is that your accounts were blocked by Google while sending XMPP command to our server. This mostly happens when users have set up multiple cameras.In this case, connecting Alfred with another account might be helpful.

If the issue persists, please contact us at and let us know your Alfred account so we could take further investigation.