Cool Hardware (or software) Solution to an Inherent Problem

I’ve been thinking about the problem of battery burnout in a system like Alfred, since the phone-camera units are permanently plugged in and charging. In normal daily phone usage, not allowing your battery to charge past *80-85% is said to be ideal for maximum long term battery health. Some more modern phones have software to help with this, but the general consensus seems to be that no matter what phone it is, leaving it charging all the time is bad for long term battery health.

The friend that introduced me to Alfred, and first got me thinking about this, told me that his Gen 2 Ipad (don’t know precisely which model) battery, was completely ruined after about 3 months of use in his room as a discrete security cam.

One elegant solution to this is the Battery Charge Limit app, which, as you might assume, allows you to set a % limit to your charging, as well as a % minimum charge drop before it allows the charger to kick in again. For example, stop charging at 85%, begin charging when battery life drops to 65%.

This is ideal for Alfred camera units but the problem is that this app (one of the only of its kind) requires you to root your phone, which, depending on your phone model, can be extremely easy, some what difficult, quite involved and technical, or impossible in the case of bootloader locked prepaid phone. So not a universal solution for the average person.

The reason I started this thread is because I came across a product called “Chargie” which is a piece of hardware with a companion app. It has the same features as the ROOT app without having to root your phone. It plugs in between the charger and the charging cable, connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and via the companion app, monitors your battery life and disconnects/reconnects your charger based on your preset preferences.

Edit Even lower budget solution could be to use a digital/analog outlet timer, such as you might use for Christmas lights. Determin how long it takes for your battery to drop from 80% down to X% with Alfred running, and then how long it takes to charge from X% back to 80% and set the timer intervals accordingly. There are non-root apps for battery management that allow you to set alarms and notifications when your phone as reached a certain percent.

The company seems like a very small upstart, maybe Alfred should buy them out and offer these for sale?

Anyone know of any non-root apps that can accomplish this? I’ve been looking for a while and found nothing.

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For charging limits, I use mechanical timer. Plug the charger to a mechanical timer. Set the timer to switch on for 1 hour and switch off for half and hour.

Something like this.

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