Continuous Recording Live View

I would like to see the option of continous recording while in live viewing. It would be especially helpful because my motion detection seems to just decide its time to stop even though the subject is still at the same distance and the movement is constant. I have tested this by leaving the area and when I return I go through same actions. Each time I will have recordings of various times. So if I’m live viewing and need to leave the room I can’t simply close live viewing and count on motion detection to record for me. Also when I am live viewing if I want to capture longer periods of time I must click every 2 minutes, that’s simply annoying.

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Yes me to I agree I would like for that to be in affect, I would feel much safer for my loved ones and would be able to sleep better

Alfred does what it does, if you want more just buy an IP camera you can get them for £20 and then you can record as long as you want in full HD whilst live viewing at the same time and with no ads no subscription and no Google account login. Oh and proper night vision. And Pan and tilt,. Have a look through this thread for some ideas.