Connection issues with very good internet



The app started off working good plus i have a constant 300mbps connection with no prior issues for other phone services, I even paid for premium, seems like other people started off with a good connection then shortly after it gets spotty



Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

When the network status is bad, it means Alfred can’t transmit the data between devices smoothly. This mostly happens when the transmission goes to relay connection or the Viewer/Camera connection is unstable suddenly.

The WiFi signal showing on your phone notification panel doesn’t really reflect the quality/speed of connection. For example, when you are watching YouTube videos in a rush hour or at somewhere more devices are connected to the same network (like a public WiFi), the video often lags or even be downgraded to lower resolution.

However, you can try the tips here to make sure your Camera device is set up in a strong network environment:

Let me know if you have any other ideas.