Coming Soon to Alfred Premium: Zoom!

Zoom is probably THE most highly-requested feature ever in the history of Alfred. If you have ever found yourself wishing it were available, we have great news: after a lot of discussions, evaluation, and hard work, zoom will soon be available on Alfred’s Android version as an Alfred Premium feature!

How it Works

Alfred’s zoom feature does not simply scale the image up, because that makes everything blurry. Instead, Alfred leverages higher image resolution from the camera sensor to preserve more details of the scene.

A Quick Demo

Please note that this feature is still under development. You might notice some (hopefully good) differences once it’s been finalized.

Let Us Know What You Think

If everything goes well, zoom will be officially released in our next major update sometime in September. Are you looking forward to trying zoom?


Can’t wait to try the new Zoom feature! This is the most amazing app.

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