Code 7008 not connected

I can’t seem to watch my cam from my viewer phone the model name is Samsung galaxy he emerge live it keeps saying not connected 7008 or something like that how can I fix the problem

Hi @ftover2, thanks for joining us at Alfred Center!

If you see 7008, your Viewer Phone might be somewhere with bad signal, or simply not connected at all. Could you try to connect to a different network (office network, free WiFi…) and see if it could be your mobile Internet’s problem?

Hope it helps!

man I trieidd all that that im computer savy. its a program issue too many people have this issue


I continue to have this issue. It really urkes me especially since I pay the premium.
I can watch fine from web view, but not on my mobile. So there’s no internet issues where the cameras are, it’s clearly a problem with my mobile app. I’m on 4G full signal

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Yes this problem waaaaay too often. It’s unsafe if trying to monitor my home. My equipment has NO issues; the Alfred app is a fail and is too glitchy. It doesn’t work and I want my money back. Do not use this app if you are thinking of installing.

Wrong. The problem is with YOUR APP!

Absolutely agree I can never ever view from mobile while away from home on full 4g or free WiFi at work it’s an app issue and it’s the reason I’ll never pay for it , it can’t be trusted … Also sometimes a whole day will go by with no motion events , doesn’t catch my car leaving or coming home … Glitchy app

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