Code 3001 error

I’ve now had this problem on 3 devices. After some retries, all is fine again.
Of course, if the phone isn’t logged in. Alfred is dead.
Thank you.

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Don’t bother paying for add removal. Although you may think.
A. You’re helping the project by supporting it with funds, getting something that might help. You are not.
B. It doesn’t guarantee anyone from support will notice your requests for information.
C. It does not work any better than before.

Really I mean!

Hi Chippy,

We are sorry for the late reply.

It’s glad to hear that you have solved the 3001 issue. Mostly 3001 indicates a log-in issue with your account, so a simple re-login method would help. You can read more about it here:

You are always welcome to send an e-mail to our support mail ( so that we can give you more specific advice accordingly!

Surely we want our users to be satisfied with the service we provide. Alfred will continue to improve the application and perhaps give more new features to our users in the future. Please stay tuned and continue to support Alfred!

Thank you. The next time I fix something apparently, I will let you know right away.

Sometimes irrelevancy is born fron ignorance. Ignorance is born from somewhere else.

Thank you for your late reply.
Best wishes.