Clock mode

Instead of a blank screen it would be awesome if the Alfred app would display the time.

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Thanks for making Alfred a better service by your feedback! We truly appreciate it.

For the feature you mentioned, we will look into the possibility in the future. Please stay tuned and continue to support Alfred!

Wish you the best!

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I use a free app to display time, disguising Alfred as a digital clock. Would be cool to embed this into Alfred. BTW, the free click app moves the displayed time slightly to reduce screen burn…

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Can you elaborate on how you get this done? Android or iPhone device? Thanks

You can do this by running Alfred then running your alternative App. I use YouTube Vance so mine just looks like a media player. On Android just press you active Apps button the one with three bars usually bottom left then bring your alternative App to the front. Unfortunately you can not lock this in so if someone one messed with it it would be easily discovered but who’s gonna mess with a wall clock ?