Chromecast integration




I see that Alfred offers Google Assistant integration which is a nice feature but doesn’t do me any good since motion detection is always on for my set up.

I would like to see Alfred integrated with the Google Chromecast. Such that, when motion is detected, a notification is sent to your devices, then the feed is automatically displayed on whatever tv the chromecast is plugged into. I don’t want the 30 sec video displayed on the tv, but the actual, real-time feed of the camera. That would be great since often times, I have to tap several times to view the feed on my device and then the action is over. I could have a 19" tv placed in a central location of my home that pops on whenever motion is detected on my video.

Chromecast does have the ability to turn on the tv and even switch input sources so it can display content. I do it all the time when I cast youtube to it from my phone and the tv is off. Sometimes, it’ll switch from whatever i’m watching already to the chromecast since I casted something to it.

Just a thought!



Hi Jason,

Thank you so much for sharing your thought with us!

We’re sorry that Alfred does not support casting yet. If you have a laptop or PC, we suggest you monitor from Alfred’s WebViewer:

You can probably set up casting with the right plugins and so on, but I have to be honest with you: projecting live feed/videos that aren’t made for the screen size will probably make it quite blurry.

We want to thank you again for sharing your idea with us to make Alfred a better service. For the casting feature you mentioned, we will definitely look into the possibility in the future. Please stay tuned and continue to support Alfred!

Wish you the best!



Please add Chromecast integration as a premium feature


Added to our wish list! Let us know if you have any other question/feedback.


Hi, chromecast would really really really be helpful.


You can use Chromecast to act like your phone, download Google home and Mirror your device



Buddy your 100% right about integration of Chromecast. Best idea ive seen


You possible would like Baby Monitor - Live Streaming, this is Alfred as well but for non internet users, all local. Quicker notifications and could still mirror your device onto your tv as a dedicated device to tv persay