Choice to Not Save Video to Your Cloud and Ownership Rights

We don’t have a choice about where our recorded videos are saved. I think we should have that choice about whether or not our recorded videos are saved to your Cloud servers, or our own NAS or PC/iOS Drives.

It would be simple enough to add that choice to your software.

Question 1: Can you give us a choice about where our recorded videos are saved?
Question 2: Who owns our videos that are saved on your servers?

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If you don’t want to utilize Alfred’s free secure cloud storage service then Why wouldn’t you just use another app ? You sound like you know what you are doing so just install an App that can turn your device into an onvif type device. Then you can send your live feed anywhere you like.

Loyal paying or (royal pain) customers are the best customers to have. They tell ownership how to keep their business. I am hoping that ownership will add the feature that I mentioned.

You do realize that the free, secure cloud service is directing your content to their computers right? Have you ever read their terms of service? And if you did, did you understand what it said?

Thank you for your question.

Yes Sir. I have read and Google’s which is why I have requested alternative log in methods so I can ditch the Google. My camera is outside so I don’t care to much if the Alfred peeps or Google or the Russians delve through the uploaded content, I’m hope it will be very boring for them.

I love this topic. When what is recorded on your phone/camera is stored on free secure cloud storage that does not belong to you, it’s just that. It does not belong to you. Yes you can access it & download it. You can save it & forward it to whoever you want for free. Yay!! Woo hoo!! But so can anyone else that has access to it, Google, Alfred’s computers where it is stored, & any hacker that will eventually hack into it, just like every other secure storage there is in existance. When it comes to electronic technology, especially wireless technology, there is no such thing as secure & private. Yes I agree that hopefully we’ll bore them to death. But at the same time, someone with access to it can also know when you are home or not, & can use that to their advantage. If it’s a free service, they have to get paid somehow. Using it to their advantage would be a way for them to get paid from you, rather you like it or not. Just be careful & don’t be so trusting of things that are “free”. Anything that is given away for free isn’t truly free. Someone is paying for it somehow.