Cheating spouse is caught in the act with Alfredo App

When work schedule changes and distance between my newly wed wife and I grew to the point of suspicion I could no longer avoid the issues. I used Alfred Web Cam to catch her in the act of cheating and recorded it as proof of adultery in our divorce saving me alimony payments and all allowed me to keep all of my assets. THANK YOU ALFRED.


$$$ Nice! $$$ I am going to try to use this on my spouse…


I caught my partner cheating, we were playing cards and they produced a jack of diamonds to cash in on a royal flush but I knew I had dealt them a three of spades, I can never get over it.

10 Likes if you have the inclination to peruse my threads and topics you will notice that I have never replied or commented on what I call soap opera post as I rightly or wrongly believe this is not the place to impart or distribute such content but upon witnessing your reply to this persons situation I was very interested if you could enlighten me as to how you reached the conclusion that the evil doing was the writer of this post. I’m sure it would make me a more complete person to comprehend how you arrived at such a decision.
I’ve sent a copy of this post to my daughter to discuss in her psychology class.


Sorry for this ones spouse!:unamused: quick to turn the story ain’t ya?

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You can now gain access to the cheating spouse text message by using certain apps like Cocospy. As first step you can create an account on the official site of Cocospy and enter details on iCloud account. For further related stuff try now. That’s all what you need to do and you would be able to find out all the chats and messages of your partner.


So any body up late that wants to login to my feed and help me catch my cheating husband


I need someone to watch my camera while I’m a sleep and if u see what I think is happening ( husband cheating with Asian massage lady ) bring s her in are place and fucks her ) while I’m a sleep . Anyone up now


Sure… sounds fun!

Would love to view…

Were you right? Catch him?

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I have to look in on this


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I’m down to do it send me a email