Changes in contact list


I have installed Alfred in my smartphone and added someone to my trust circle. Then, the contact’s name of this person changed in my smartphone, and a new contact with was created. What happened?

Which device has the problem? Viewer
Device Model Name: Samsung Galaxy On 7
OS Version: Android 6
AppVersion: The last one


Thank you for reporting the issue!

We are looking into the problem now. Could you please provide a screenshot of what you see in the Trust Circle setting page and send it to us so that we can identify it sooner?

Thanks for the help! Keep us posted.

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Hello. Thanks for the reply!

Actually, the trust circle panel is normal, there is nothing different in it. There is just the email I added to the circle.
My concern is about the changes in my contact list. What is this new contact with email for?

Best wishes.

Hi Dany,

The email is added automatically to your Google Hangout contacts when you set up a Trust Circle on Alfred.

We use Google Hangouts to build a connection (just like adding someone to your FB friend list), so you can share videos with people within the same trust circle. We are not able to look through your messages.

We understand your concern and our team is looking for another mechanism so that we don’t have to rely on this service in the future. Your privacy and information security are always our top priorities.

Let us know if you need further assistance!

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