Change Email



I need to change the email address associated to this account. How do I do that?


Hi @ncrespo.lindemann,

Thank you for reaching out!

Do you mean you want to use Alfred with a different account?

Please log out on your devices by tapping on the menu, choose Account, and confirm you want to log out. You will be led back to the login page again where you can select another account stored on your device.

If the account you want to use is not on the list, please go to the account manager of your device and save it there.

Hope this helps!


I bought a subscription on one of my Gmail accounts. I still have 3 weeks left in my subscription, can I move it to my new Gmail address?



Thank you for reaching out!

Please write an email to support @ from the address that has the upgrade and let us know the account you want to transfer the membership to.

Hope this helps!


Thank you, I have sent the email


I have Done this 10 Times’ or so. Only get a autoinlogg to the same account.

/Hakan in Sweden