Caught her glove-handed


After being at the end of my rope with things disappearing, i set up two my old phones to watch our room. Sure enough, room mate couldn’t help but sneak in while we were on a ride to help herself to another freebie. Gloves & all. Guess she didn’t count on me being free to share her film debut with everyone.

On the big screen.

On repeat.

Popcorn anyone?


Harsh but fair :+1: the power of a discrete mobile phone. The good thing is if it was the phone that had walked as long as you password the device you could still access the incriminating evidence.


Show the video lol we want to see the thief in action


Please can someone help me with my problem with my FIANCE. I used alfred and caught her cheating for those who didn’t know u can use alfred to see every place the other phone has been u can give it to ur girlfriend and itll not only track her movements but record all audio


Show the video i wanna see lol


If i could get it to upload, I’d be glad to. :sunglasses::grinning:
Says not authorized


Right click, copy and paste here


I think you are probably very lucky. Things like that start small, then as confidence or perhaps stupidity grows, larger things vanish.


haha i wont show her even though she cheated on me I still respect her as a woman


@jandtsmom you know Alfred records motion as a default setting ?


I do lol but thank you for the heads up