Caught gf using drugs

I was engaged to a girl who had been an addict for 15yrs, but did recovery. She swore she no longer used. So I let her move in. Then she got a raise at her job, yet was always broke. She told me she suspected our maintenance Man was stealing her money. So I set up Alfred.
I did not see him stealing- I saw her shooting up. I asked her if she relapsed so we could get her help. She looked me dead in face and said she’d been cleam over a yr! I showed her the video and asked her to pack up and leave.
Alfred saved me.


U should have not kicked her out


Does she have a #? I have experience & maybe I could help…


:loudspeaker:♪••••♪ I do drugs :syringe:


Asshole that’s a disease she is suffering from


That’s great so now if anyone is doing wrong or behaving badly or selfishly or being ignorant or arrogant or just being a plain Aole it’s a disease.
I will remember that next time I get pulled over for speeding.
That’s one of the problems too many snowflakes that can’t take responsibility for their own actions and think that they are entitled to everything and have no Morales. Damn I just realized that I have Morales, guess that’s a disease ? I wonder if I can get a disability parking badge for that like other people do for being fat and lazy which is also a disease apparently.
Just waiting for the world to stop revolving so I can step off… If it is actually revolving that is !


It’s not about that. I offered to do rehab with her. The drug problem may not be a choice- however choosing to lie to my face was. Trust is important. If you cant be honest to me then I can’t trust you. No trust, no love. No ownership, no recovery…


Sometimes we dont tell even our best humans our ugliest secret which is more an indication of how important having you in their life is and how incapable they presume you are of grace in the face of something you cant dictate or command and control. And she was right. And she is lucky to have this proof and escape. Because more dangerous to her ability to fulfill any hope of the normal life…

like the delusion of the one you think you have and falsely promised her…

that you imagine is now more secure and valuable and admirable without her…

to the one she is now more likely to find free of a future unequally yoked with you and yourself…and you…as an addict unaware of her creeping tom

more dangerous than her drug

is to be investing in false hope with someone or admiring or trusting… a partner person with hidden cameras aimed at you but who has no mirrors

especially the self-polluted one you proved you can be.

But even more…you are a criminal. You are speaking of trust she violated and the flaw of her character for hiding what was too big for your small mind to assimilate…and call it deceit…

You lied to her about who you are. You fooled her. Now you fool yourself.

While you brag about comitting toe worst kind of violation… her privacy and human rights…this girl you see as unworthy and expendable…while you cowardly, sadistically , and equally dishonestly at a level so far beneath the shame and stigma of the personal battle she didnt hide but protected… that didnt need the added enemies of you and your inevitable unpreventable narcissistic response and the added burden of watching you transform into the degenerate stalking peeping dick exposed in your crimes of voyuerism

No doubt you shared them with anyone she might have turned to for support

for her own good and theirs…

While you took both legs and her right arm by taking all you have and all you pretended to be away from her and showed her who you are and what YOU were hiding and blatantly lying about all along as well.

Your disease is uglier. Congratulations for being so … Alfred.


I do lol.….-______________________-


Best thing I have ever seen written in a feed, needed a dictionary but still DOPE AF!




if you can hit me up 7027512502 k

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it’s a choice to get help or Sider from that disease… hendrikvaan…


Being a liar isn’t a disease!
Realizing Addiction is a disease .

On the other hand lying isn’t a disease it’s just an excuse to blame anyone but themselves.

I hear most people jumping on this poor guy for kicking her out. I totally agree with him.

Seems like there’s a lot of dope heads out there trying to shift blame on everyone in lieu of taking responsibility on themselves. There’re the ones who put the needle in their arm not anyone else .

Regarding this guys case, bottom line, he would have got her help if she had just come forth and told the truth, instead she decided to lie so she should reap the negative consequences.

Some people don’t really want help. Until they are ready to seek help, i.e. pretty much hitting rock bottom, the denials will continue.




Criminals hate hard-working people that contribute to society. We workers are despised whenever we have the temerity to stand up for ourselves and protect our property against them. They hate Alfred, because it is a low-cost tool we use to protect ourselves. The only way to please a criminal is hand over all your money and goods and apologize for being an honest, hard-working and law-abiding citizen. Instead of doing that, I use Alfred and rely upon law enforcement. Of course, the criminals hate law enforcement too, because they would prefer to do whatsoever they please–shoot up dope, drink, smoke, rob, kill, rape. How dare you complain that your gf stole from you, lied, and brought hard drugs into your home, for which you could have been sentenced to prison?


The maintenance man could also be stealing your money… better keep the cam up and running.


Why didn’t he or shouldnt he have kicked her out…? Personally I think he did the right action. Tell me why you think he should’ve keep the lying dopehead in his home


Being a liar and using drugs is not a disease. It is a cognitive choice. No one is born with an addiction . But they can be influenced through their lives to be in part an addiction suspectable person. Bit still we are ALL born with free will will power and a will to survive… it’s the self restraint and personal values thatxdetermin our course of action in our lives. Everything else is an influence upon those … but not aset behavioral pattern due to some pshyival limitation such as a disease gives us.


A little background before I start: I’m a 49 male that has been using one drug or another for over 20 years. will try to keep this brief because TBH its time for me to shoot up which is totally 100% my choice and decision. Its NOT some kind of unpreventable disease like cancer or something. It would he very easy and convenient for me to say such but that’s just a cop out and I realize it and wish the rest of society would get off this politically correct/make everybody feel good no matter what/its a disease that cant be prevented kick that we’ve been on. Granted many of us have addictive personalities (which is another way of saying that we are too weak to face life so we are always looking for an escape) and our environments will strongly influence life choices. Do note that I used the word influence and not a word such as determine because ultimately its the decision of each individual whether to use drugs or not and if so to what level (btw this includes alcohol which in my opinion is the absolute worse). Again emphasize its not ann unpreventable disease; it’s my choice and my decision. Of course the longer a Vperson uses the harder it becomes to stop for many many reasons but its still their decision. On the past when I have stopped for a year or so to ultimately start a different drug I did stop for this reason…“I became sick and tired of being sick and tired.”