Catching a thief


I was having trouble with roommates and things came up missing in my room even though my for was locked. They kept saying I must have not locked my door and the neighbors got in there. I wasn’t sure and wanted to be so I installed The Alfred program on my old phones and soon there after when I was at work it alarmed so I looked at the app. I saw my roommate’s in my room taking perfume! Right there on tape so when I confronted them they both denied it them I showed them the video! Want any denying that! To the team that created this app because I feel I can go to work without worries now! The best app in the world!!!

My Alfred Memories - Share Your Superhero Story
My Alfred Memories - Share Your Superhero Story

You can upload the video, please?:no_mouth::no_mouth::grin:


I can’t get them to upload I’m not going it right


I can email them I think idk


@mickigibbons save the clip to your moments folder then click the link ( chain link icon ) button that will save a link for you the link icon appears when you are viewing the clip. Then paste the link in here. You don’t to need upload it, but when you delete it from your moments folder the link in the forum becomes dead.



#8… Let me know if I did it right and thank you everyone for the help!


@mickigibbons that’s great didn’t see the perfume pilferers


Oh no but listen to them you are one go to turn light on and knock my camera down that was Jason and you can hear everything his GF says standing right next to them as they are looking for a bottle of perfume


And the video party of this app is AMAZING I’m just telling you all! I have to go to work from 10pm until 7am everynight , my roommate’s sleep during the fair and stay up at night it’s cooler. So I sit at work and at any given time I can pick up my phone and clearly see anything in my room I can hear everything in the house.! It’s awesome and I’ feel it gives me a little peace in my life especially when I have to work and my customer really DOES deserve all my attention. I love this app will telling everyone this is just as awesome as one you might have to pay for and I SUPER love it! 5 stars all the way!!! Thanks for the app!


Congratulations! Excellent work!


You need some new roommates dear!


Yes I do I can’t believe I’m in this situation ugh still working on moving out or moving them out


puedes poner otra wifi cercana y asi si te anulan alguna wifi la otra seguirá funcionando


I had the same thing happen recently and Alfred caught her in my room except she took a little more than perfume …we are in the middle.of court for felony burglary …


Yes I do I can’t stand it


You see her face at 14 seconds in the video for a spilt seconds of you scroll carefully while on pause.


I saw her ugly mugshot also