Capturing wife's escape-artist cat!

So, my wife has a purely indoor cat Baron, whom normally is extremely docile and heeds our calls and commands close to 100% of the time. I say close to because for some reason, whenever he manages to get outside, he plays coy and doesn’t want to fully come back inside.

This recent 4th of July, he manages to get out, and my wife is worried sick and can’t stop crying. It’s past midnight, and we don’t exactly live in the best neighborhood, so I’m trying to think of what to do and suddenly I’m struck by inspiration. I setup my phone as a camera, pour a bowl of cat food – deliberately and loudly at the door so he can hear – set it down in front of the open back door, and then I grab some fishing line. I attached one end to the door, then run the spool to my PC, where I chill and surf the web while waiting for motion detection to go off. Lo’ and behold, 10 minutes later, he comes peaking in and seeing the coast is clear, heads straight for his food bowl. I won’t lie, there was an over-gratuitous amount of gloating at his expense.

Never expected an ACME-style trap like that to work, but I’m glad I tried it! Made my skeptical wife laugh too.

image Baron, acting offended but demanding to be pet anyway :rofl: