Can't log in to web viewer in Safari


I have Alfred on my old HTC Wildfire S as Camera.
I can View it on my Old Vista PC in Firefox using Alfred Web Viewer.
I have tried as instructed to also view the Camera on my iPad running IOS 10
I have opened a tab in Safari to “”.
The page is grey with a dark grey pulsing spot in the centre.
It has not changed in 15 minutes.
I expected to be asked to sign in to my email account as I was for the Firefox browser on my PC.
What has gone wrong??

Sorry can’t tell the version of the App installed at the moment, I notice from “My Apps” in PlayStore, that the version was updated on August 6th to:- 3.13.04 (build 1642)
I think I may have downloaded my copy just before that date. if that helps!

…And another thing! :slight_smile:
What does it mean in the top right corner of the screen where it says “Let’s Talk”!
I don’t wana talk, I wana SEE! :smiley:

Hmm! Just playing about and I see that “Let’s Talk” is a link to the forum!
…why not just say “Forum”?

Tried to access the web viewer on my Samsung S3 phone running Android 4.4.4 and the only option is to download the App!
I’m running Chrome Browser which was updated only yesterday!!

I don’t want to clutter my phone up with Apps which I might not keep and by the looks of this so far, I’m not impressed.
Only able to view the camera stream on my PC, not on my iPad, not on my Phone!

…And I’ve not left the house yet!
Doesn’t bode well Alfred, doesn’t bode well at all.
Might I suggest that you don’t unpack your suitcase just yet!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hi Geoff,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

Alfred’s WebViewer only works on Chrome and Firefox for PC. If you want to use Alfred on iOS or Android devices, such as your Samsung S3 phone and iPad, please download our app here for a more stable performance:

As for the “Let’s Talk” button, we are sorry that it confuses you! We will discuss with our website designer whether to change it. Thank you so much for your advice!

Let us know if you need further assistance.


Thanks for your reply ricardo, I eventually downloaded the Android App for my phone, sadly would have preferred to view using myiPad for the larger screen however due to the severe limits on storage space with Apple products, I cannot countenance yet another “App”!
I was expecting that Safari would work on both Mac OS and IOS, don’t understand why not and I think that proves I wouldn’t understand even if you explained the reason! :smile:
Despite this restriction to the small screen of my phone, the app seems to work reasonably well, however I have two points:

  1. Whilst I accept that Advertising is much of your life blood, the one shown whilst I was viewing my camera, had a blindingly white background and obscured my view of the camera’s detail, could your advertisers be informed to use more muted colours as they seriously impact the usability of an otherwise impressive App.
  2. In order to see how the App performed when using a Data only connection, whilst remaining in my home, I disabled the WiFi link.
    The App continued for a couple of seconds and then advised me that my 4G Data connection was “down”, when in fact it was healthy.
    switching on the WiFi again, it reported that the camera was now off line.
    I had to re-boot the camera phone in order to recover the connection, …something I could not do if I was in a remote location.
    Time will tell if the camera unit’s connection is reliable or not.
    Have to say, Alfred is growing on me!:slight_smile:


Hi Geoff,

Thank you so much for the feedback!

We know that ads are annoying, but they have provided Alfred with a much-needed means for sustainable development. You can upgrade to Alfred Plus, which is a one-time payment that removes all ads permanently. Please read more about it here:

We will also discuss with the designer about the positions of the ads and try our best to optimize the experience of Alfred’s users.

For the other issue you reported, Camera running on the mobile network takes much more time to build a connection. To ensure continuous surveillance, we suggest you keep your Camera connected to a more stable connection (wifi/Internet).

Hope it helps!