Cannot upgrade


I made a new account for my cameras so it would stop all other google alerts on them. Now I am trying to upgrade the account and it is giving me the error “Alfred found your current or not yet expired subscription blah blah”. I am signed into the new account on my viewer and it has never had a subscription.


This is a bug related to having my old account on my Viewer. I was able to get around it by making one of the cameras a viewer phone and then upgrading that way.



For the moment, Play Store doesn’t provide any solution to change the payment account. In other words, if you have purchased a subscription item with your Google Play account, you are not able to purchase it again before the subscription expires.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. Actually, you can send a message to us next time. We can transfer the Premium membership to your new account for you!

Hope this helps!


Thanks Ricardo, the current one on this account only had 72 hours left on it. It would have been more trouble than it was worth to have it transferred. I got it all setup now on a new account and now my cameras will not be detecting motion when a google event/reminder goes off because they are on their own accounts now. :sunglasses:


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