Cancel upgrade option


I subscribed upgrade for 1 month but I’ve found that I don’t need it.
Will it auto renew? How do I cancel it?


Hi @wanchings,

Thank you for reaching out!

Yes, Alfred Premium is a subscription service that you must cancel.

Please follow the instructions here:

Hope this helps!


I checked following the Android way.
But it says I dont have subscription. I think this is because my Alfred and App store account might not be the same account.
What should i do?

** The main reason is I don’t see any difference in the functions in Premium and Basic.
The picture quality is the same.
I would be happy if it can at least allow me to see my login device and can unlink them. Now I feel insecure as I dont know what devices are accessing my pictures.


Hi @wanchings,

Thank you for the reply.

To cancel, please log in to Google Play Store with the account that is associated with it (the one you tie your credit card to). Could you try again?

Unless someone has your Google password, nobody has access to your live feed/videos. However, we are working on adding login records to the app. In the near future, you will be able to check which device accessed your account.

Hope this helps.