Cancel anytime


I upgraded my account believing I can cancel anytime. I just canceled and saw that I dont get a refund. I cancelled because the app isnt helpful for me and I cant use it because my samsung note 8 wont let me use the zoom- which is why I paid $40! It seems wrong that the zoom is what is promised but when it doesnt work, you keep my money!



Welcome to Alfred Center!

We are sorry to hear you are not happy with Alfred Premium. However, as stated in our Terms of Service that you agreed to prior to logging in to Alfred, we do not process refunds unless the circumstances are exceptional.

We took a look at the database and found that Zoom should work on your phone. Please read more about Zoom here:

If Alfred Premium doesn’t work as it should for you, please write an email to so we can give you more specific advice accordingly! Email with the screenshot or videos can be really helpful.

Keep us posted!