Can you save videos directly to iPhone?

I’ve gone through the forum and can’t seem to find an answer. Is there a way of downloading the actual video and not just a link to your iPhone? Currently running the pro version on a iPhone XR.

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I would really love to know the answer to this too. I even tried to delete the app off my iPad and tried launching the Alfred camera website on The google chrome extension like my Mac, thinking it would allow me to sign in and save a video. I am disappointed to say it never allowed me to access the web version, rather force prompted me to redownload and launch the app, which as we both know, you can’t save a video from if you are using iOS.

Was there ever an answer given to this question or am i missing something? Does alfred really just ignore questions like these or what???@alfred

Yes you can!!! Click on the video you want to save and click the download button on iPhone bottom left corner or multiple saves are an option by selecting all option. Can save up to 10 at once.

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